Tyler’s last Blog

First, I would like to thank everyone at Red Door for this amazing opportunity. Gaining real life marketing and social media experience will be so valuable for me in my career and I cannot thank Liz, Renee and everyone else enough for everything they did for me!

The experiences of working in a real office and working on actual projects will be ones I will never forget.

I want to do marketing and social media work in my own career and this internship was a very good reflection on what type of work I would be handling daily. I learned a lot of useful tricks that will translate very well when I get an entry level marketing or social media job. I feel like overall I learned a lot and I gave a better understanding on how social media platforms work from the perspective of the business side, instead of the consumer side.

I’m glad I didn’t have to do the typical intern work of running errands or getting coffee for people. Everyone there had a lot of respect for the interns and they treated us as if we were normal workers. This type of work allowed me to reach more of a creative side and I feel as it helped me become a better problem solver because I always wanted to make my content better than the last as I learned new techniques and creative ways to do stuff. Having creative answers to problems is essential to marketing and social media because of how crowded it can be.

Overall, I will always remember my time with the other interns, workers and of course Percy! Thank you for everything Red Door!


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