Viva Las Vegas

During my trip to Las Vegas, I experienced a lot of amazing things. To start, the food was spectacular. All of it was fresh and made by the best chefs in the country. I also got to try some items that I have never tried before like this fruity pebble ice cream (see below). The seafood here was also very fresh and presented with elegance. I also got to enjoy my favorite burger from In and Out burger. Which that alone is worth the trip out to Vegas.

Now onto the art and buildings that call Las Vegas home. Starting with the famous Bellagio fountain. This show is very stimulating to the eyes. Water flies up from the ground and goes along with the song that they are playing on the speakers surrounding. In the Venetian hotel, there is a little river that goes through inside where all the shops are and adds a Italian vibe to the whole place. Everywhere you walk in Vegas, you will see a great piece of architecture. When walking on the strip outside, I ran into the Eiffel Tower. Although this is just a replica, it was very cool to see it lit up at night.

Overall, Vegas was a very unique experience. Being able to try some of the world best food alone was the highlight of my trip. I’m not a big gambler but there are tons of casinos for those who are. Everywhere you turn there is a table or slot machine waiting for you. Las Vegas is definitely a place you want to visit at least once in your lifetime.

By Marc Ayala


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