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As I said in a previous blog post I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone, as I feel I’ve been inside a box for a little too long. I did this on Wednesday, where I visited the West Side Bazaar for the first time with a group of classmates.

If you are unaware on what the West Side Bazaar is, it is a shop of shops (almost like a craft show or a flee market) located on Grant Street in Buffalo. The group that started West Side Bazaar did so to help the refugees and immigrants in the area grow. It is a starting place for refugees and immigrants to start a business with guidance of professionals. Shops here showcase an array of products including clothing, jewelry, cards, artwork, and knickknacks with an ethic twist.

I will admit I was skeptical before going. I do not go to Buffalo much (this internship being the only reason why) and did not know what to expect. Upon entering I saw an array of colors and products. The one side is retail based while the other is food based. I instantly feel in love with every elephant product I say (I LOVE elephants) and liked how everything was so eye catching. On the food side of the building I tried bubble tea (and didn’t like it).

I did not realize but while being distracted by colors and shopping (my favorite) I became comfortable. While speaking to one of the shop owners, a woman named Nadeen who came from Iraq, she told us that she has been in business for four years and really likes Buffalo. She was kind and skilled in making celling plant holders.

So according to drama, anxious me: I pushed myself outside my boundaries and did not die (yay!).

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