What I Want To Be

I’ve had this conversation probably a hundred times.

Person: “What college do you go to?”

Me: “Hilbert College.”

P: “What are you going for?”

M: “English.”

P: “Do you want to be an English teacher?”

M: “No. I want to be an author.”

Then you hear the most unenthusiastic but trying to be supportive “Oh that’s cool” and the conversation plummets. Trust me I get it. English is not an impressive gateway to becoming successful, especially when the one profession you are supposed to go down (teaching) is the one thing I want to avoid. As I entered college my mother tried to push me toward journalism, but I hate journalism more then I hate teaching (no offense to journalists or teachers. I respect both and could never do what you do.)

But growing up I was surrounded by the written word. My mother was (and still is) a lover of books (mostly murder mysteries) and can finish a book a week. I was at the library on a weekly basis as a child, attending every program my mom could sign me up for. When my grandmother passed away, we cleaned out her house and found thirteen half read library books scattered around the house. When I began attending school English class quickly became my favorite subject (I even like Shakespeare). It would be an understatement to say books did not influence my life.

My dream is to one day walk into a Barnes and Nobel and see sitting on the shelf a book with my name on it. I want to challenge people’s opinions and beliefs, informing young adults on a world they may not know much about. I also want to help different places and have already decided that if I do become successful that I am going to donate a portion of book sales to an organization.

I don’t really know what my future holds, as oddly enough you can not exit college and say you’re a famous author and that be the end of it, but I am trying to prepare myself. I try to write on a regular basis, but I do have a while to go. One of my biggest insecurities is people reading my writing (I get the irony connected to wanting to become an author and being afraid to share my stories) but am getting more and more comfortable with sharing my writing. Hopefully this all works out and the disappointed conversations will all be worth it.

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