What We Can Do

Everything feels impossible right now. We are striving for normalcy with no hope that it is coming in the foreseeable future. With this, we crumble under the weight of uncertainty. This is the easiest thing to do. We mourn what we have lost. That graduation we were working towards, the wedding you spent hours upon hours planning, the vacation you already packed your bags for and the list can go on and on. All of these losses make it easy to slip into that what if’s and those thoughts that keep us awake at night. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Right now the World is more connected than it has ever been. Medical professionals globally are communicating and working tirelessly for the cure to save us. The government is communicating with us hourly to reassure our safety during these hard times. We finally have those precious moments with our family that we always wished we could have. We get to sit together and eat dinner every night. We wake up and work or study just feet apart. Our pet’s tails never stop wagging due to our endless presence in our homes. We are filling our parks and admiring the beautiful weather that is coming to light. The World’s lungs are healthier. All of these things are silver linings in a terribly dark time.

We have picked up hobbies we never thought we would. We are discovering things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have known for years to come. We have hit the reset button in a sense. We are discovering the artist, teacher, fitness guru within us. We are smiling in grim times showing just how strong we are. And when this all concludes; whenever it finally ends, we will have had discovered all these amazing things we can do. We will be thankful for those dinners when we are busy at work and missing the family. We will remember those walks we took without a care in the world about all of the work we have sitting for us at the office. 

I know it feels so incredibly hard right now. I know at this moment you feel so helpless and anxious with all the uncertainty hanging in the air.  We will pull through these times. We will make it through whether it is 2 months or 8 months from now. We will pick ourselves up with all of our new experiences and leave this behind us with strength and resilience that we never knew we had. I know everything is impossible right now, but focus on what we can do. Because at the end of this, 5 years from now we are going to look back on this 1 year and remember all of the amazing things we were able to achieve and smile that we made it through this kind of hardship nobody has faced before. 

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