Why Buffalo?

Why Buffalo?


If you’re looking to move into New York, Buffalo is the city to be. Sitting in the most Western part of New York, only a small drive to one of the Wonders of the World, and it is the second most populated city in the state, you have to ask, Why Buffalo? Some topics that cross my mind are, the home-y feeling you get when you’re here, the growth of a city, and the million things to do here. Check out why I made the move to Buffalo!




Being from Upstate New York, I never really got a feel of belonging to one city. I had my hometown, family and friends, but I have never felt one community love a town so much that they hold it very near and dear to their hearts. That’s what you’ll find here in Buffalo, I have never felt such a strong sense of people who loved where they are from and to scream it loud and proud (you’ll especially hear this at a Bill’s game). To everyone from here, Buffalo is home and will always be.




A long time ago, Buffalo was booming with industries varying from high technology to retail. However, when the Great Depression hit like most of America, Buffalo became a ghost town. But in 2007 Governor Andrew Cuomo launched his Buffalo Billion project pouring millions of dollars into Buffalo, now taking on in its second phase, this project re-launched Buffalo into once again, a renaissance city. If looking for a great place to start your career, Buffalo is not a bad choice at all. From growing industries like Food&Beverage, Finance, Manufacturing and others, there is plenty of employment opportunities in Buffalo.




Buffalo is not a small town by no means, so that tells you that there is plenty to do here! If you take a trip about 20 minutes from here, you can visit the beautiful Niagara Falls region, while your there, definitely take in the natural beauty of the park, but there is also museums, aquariums, and fun shops to visit while your there. In Buffalo itself, there are things everyone would enjoy like the Buffalo Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Art Galleries, the Museum of Science and if its “nice” out (nice in Buffalo can mean its sunny, and 40 degrees out) check out Canalside, a peaceful place to walk around on a weekend. Lastly, Buffalo is the birth place of the Buffalo Chicken Wing, if you’re a wing connoisseur like myself check out Anchor Bar, the original birthplace, (but don’t tell my friends who prefer Duff’s!)—this is actually the biggest argument in the Buffalo area.



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By: Alexandra Nadeau

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