Why Soap and Hand-washing is so important.

All the buzz surrounding healthy practices may seem silly, but the amount of misinformation surrounding the subject is numerous. In a study reported by the CDC only 19% of the population reported washing their hands after using the bathroom. Astounding, considering that good hand-washing practices are assumed as a norm.

So Why Hand-washing why not sanitizer? Soap and water is always recommended as it effectively fights a wide spectrum of germs as well as helps prevent the spread and antibiotic resistance. Sanitizers can also be effective however they don’t work as effectively against all the germs that standard soap and water can remove.

Something simple like washing our hands seems so silly to stress but it is imperative for our health. It is our duty in this fight to wash our hands for at least 20 full seconds and avoid touching our faces. Social distancing and good hygienic measures may seem silly but as of now, while our nurses and first responders risk their lives on the front line, this is our opportunity to help and support them.

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