Places to Spend Taco Tuesday in Buffalo

LETS TACO ‘BOUT TACOS!  Let’s be honest here- if you ever meet someone that does not appreciate a good taco, do you really trust them? Buffalo is very lucky to have some wonderful places to spend Taco Tuesday.  Feel free to try all of them- there is a total of 5 on our list today which means that you should be set starting Monday to have tacos until Friday. We’re just going to say you’re welcome in advance.

Deep South Taco
WIth two locations there is almost no excuse to not have been to this wonderful place yet. The tacos are absolutely wonderful. The newer one being on Hertel Avenue, it is always a fun time no matter which you go to. The possibilities are endless here! With everything from tacos, to burritos, to nachos, to the BEST guacamole in Buffalo it is fair to say that if you leave here hungry it is 100% your own fault. The tacos all come in handmade corn tortilla shells and there are so many options that there is something for everyone. One we thing we have to tell you about is the Three Cheese Tequila Queso. I mean, if we are being honest here- anything with Tequila sounds like a fun time but this queso dip will knock your socks off.

Colosso Taco
Let’s just start off by saying that their tacos are actually colossal. Located in North Tonawanda, with another location opening soon in Niagara Falls, they have proven that they know what they are doing. If you ever find yourself in either of those areas go check them out. What’s even better about them- they are open late, just as late as our last call. Their tacos come in three sizes to cater to what type of hunger you’re having that day- small, large, or super. You can basically do anything you want to them to fit your taste buds. One personal favorite is the classic chicken taco. Unlike other places in Buffalo, Colosso uses almost a roasted chicken over ground chicken and it makes it taste a little fresher. It’s actually a place that is perfect for everyone. They offer pizza and wings and also have a chicken finger taco that everyone should have once. You’re mixing to amazing foods together- why wouldn’t you try that!

LLoyds Tacos
Starting off as a food truck only a few years ago, Lloyds is probably one of the most well
Taco places in Buffalo. The food is all hormone free and you can taste it. What makes Lloyds so great is that the Lloyds truck always seems to turn up when you need it the most. For example- when it is parked on Allen at 2 am and you smell those tacos just coming towards you- it is pure bliss. The minute you taste what it is that burrito it just feels right. Tacos can be very generic, but Lloyds has taken one of the most beloved foods in the world and made it their own. Which in turn means you can make it your own. If you have not eaten here yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

Elmwood Tacos & Subs (ETS)
ETS is THE spot to go to on Elmwood when you want food. Nothing else compares. Especially those waffle fries? Come on. Seriously, it is a favorite among most people living in the area. Their tacos just taste so fresh. You can literally taste how fresh their ingredients are. If you have ever watched any cooking show you probably know that the most important thing to give customers is fresh food over everything frozen.  That is exactly what you’re getting here. Their tacos are a good size portion, they taste fantastic, and it is the best place on Elmwood Avenue when you’re looking for your weekly taco splurge.

Mighty Taco
You can’t have a list about tacos without including Mighty if you live in Buffalo. It is a Buffalo classic. Most people in Buffalo will have some serious debates over Mighty Taco over Taco Bell and overall, at least in Buffalo, Mighty Taco always prevails. Wherever you go, there’s bound to be a Mighty right by you. With everything from traditional beef tacos, to fish tacos, to pork barbeque tacos, one of the best things about Mighty is that there is usually something new all the time. They try to stay current. However, personal favorite will always be a hard shell taco, with ground beef and medium sauce. It is literally the perfect crunch and combination of ingredients.

Tacos will always be a classic favorite for most people. Buffalo is no exception. Our favorite part about the places we listed is that they have taken a favorite that everyone knows how to make and they have made it their own. Hopefully we have given you a few more ideas in case there was one included that you have not heard of yet. Buffalo is like a hidden gem of food that most people in the world have never heard of and we’re happy we get to eat here all the time! If you are interested in eating as much Buffalo food as possible, it is probably time to think about moving here. Red Door Real Estate is opening doors all over WNY, we want to help you open yours! Give us a ring at 716-768-1177 and we can help you!

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