Budget Decorating!

Decorating on a Budget?


Currently, I am frantically getting ready to embark on the journey of moving in to my first ever apartment. However, I am also very broke! Security deposits, first months rent, brokers fees etc. really rack up in initial costs leaving little to no money in the budget to decorate.  If you are like me though, you want your apartment to feel like home, and with these low-budget ways to decorate can really help out in doing so!


Dollar Store

Usually, when people think of decorating their homes, they think: Target, Marshall’s, Pier 1, however, all those stores can quickly get really expensive! I have been lucky enough to find some really cheap cute décor for only $1! You can also take it one step further and research DIY projects, the dollar store is a really good, affordable option to get all your supplies from.


Take it Slow

A lot of people get tons of ideas on how to reinvent their home, but it can get overwhelming if you think you can do it all at once. My advice is to take it room by room, section by section. When you do it this way you can see all the progress your making! Also, when you take it “slow” you are leaving time and hopefully the bigger stores will put on sales during this time to go get supplies cheaper!



Ideally, you know exactly what you want your room to look like, but if you are like me I am NOT creative at all. I am getting a lot of ideas from websites like Pinterest, articles that will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do. It also allows you to get a lucid picture of what you are looking for!



If you have a smartphone, you can get a coupon almost anywhere. Actually, it is very unlikely for me to buy something without a coupon just because I know how easy it is to find them. A lot of stores have apps with a wallet section to save the coupons! There are also third-party apps like RetailMeNot which you can just search for the store you are in and whatever coupons they have going on will pop up to show the cashier! Instant money saver!


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By: Alexandra Nadeau

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