Spring Cleaning!

What time is it? SPRING CLEANING!


I may be weird, but the time of spring cleaning is my favorite time of the year. After it’s done you will feel refreshed, de-cluttered and all together less stressed. The idea of throwing stuff away or donating it might be scary, but it is so worth it in the end. I know this may be easier said than done, but you have to attack spring cleaning with the attitude: “Just throw it away”.


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This has happened to me before too, so you’re not alone. You buy something for a really good deal, you wait for the perfect event to wear it…but after months and months….it is still collecting dust in the closet. The thought: it has still never been worn! What a waste! Here’s the thing: the perfect event is never going to come, donate it!


Never Skip

            It is so easy to get distracted by something going on the day you dedicate to spring cleaning. You might put in half the work into doing all the cleaning, skip wiping down a shelf, or even skip an entire room. Taking one day to do EVERYTHING is crucial. You’ll thank yourself long term because the stress of cleaning will no longer be hanging over your head.



Picture, how you want a room to look like, reorganizing can make a space feel brand new and exciting! Look, around your closet for clothes you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, toys that have been abandoned for years, and even food that has been expired-the trick here: donate or throw away! Action, taking a full day to clean and do it well, will ensure that everything is taken care of and you are set for the rest of spring! Finally, Notice all your hard work! Everything has a place now, no more clutter, and the fresh scent of lemon-febreeze now lingers around your home. Celebrate with a nice glass of wine, and call it a day! (All of your friends will be jealous, they “never” have the time to clean)


Here at Red Door Real Estate, we would really like to encourage donating over throwing it away. If someone else can get use out of it, donate it! It helps everyone out. Some locations in Buffalo are Journey’s End Refugee Services, Buffalo City Mission and the Dress For Success, Goodwill and The Salvation Army are good spots too.


Cleaning out your house and realize no matter how much stuff you throw away, your house still isn’t fitting all your needs? Come stop by Red Door Real Estate of WNY and we can help you get the space you need! Located at 982 Elmwood Ave, or give us a call at (716) 768-1177. Be sure to keep with us on Facebook (Red Door Real Estate WNY), Twitter (@RedDoorWNY) and Instagram (@reddoorrealestatewny).


By: Alexandra Nadeau

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