History of Dyngus Day

By Tyler Compo

Dyngus day is a very popular Polish holiday that is always celebrated the Monday after Easter. Dyngus day is meant to be a fun and romantic holiday after the Lenten season! According to the PolishPlate.com; ” Buffalo, New York is unofficially the Dyngus Capital of America with the largest concentration of festival locations and live polka music.”

On this holiday boys are encouraged to spray girls that they like with water using things like squirt guns, buckets, bottles or any other sort of container. Boys and Girls also strike each other with pussy willows. The reason pussy willows play such a big part in this Holiday is because these plants often bud while spring is beginning, which happens after Easter. Girls get their revenge by throwing dishes and crockery on the Tuesday after Easter. We do not recommend you follow this part of the tradition noways!

Historians believe that the origins of Dygnus day stem from thousands of years ago in Poland where on the day after Easter many peasant boys would storm girls houses and douse unsuspecting food coma victims in water to pull a prank.

It is also believed that Dyngus day stems from the baptism of  Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. This is why sprinkling water is now a huge tradition during this holiday, as it symbolizes the first Polish Kings baptism into Christianity, which symbolizes Christianity coming to Poland.

Even though the normal Buffalo Dyngus day activities are cancelled this year, you can still celebrate by spraying your unsuspecting significant other with water, just be sure to dodge any sort of dishes that may come your way!

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