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I am Manvika, travel and fashion blogger and a youtuber. I am a senior at the University at Buffalo, concentrating in Marketing and International Business. I am a transfer student from India, was initially into Engineering, later changed my major to Business, which was always my interest. I am so happy that I made this decision in my crucial year, now that i can do the things I love.

Being a Marketing major, I was really interested in interning at Red door as my tasks and jobs are the things that I do everyday, and the things I love. Today is my first day here at Red door, a women owned business, which I am very proud of. Social media is something that interests me, being consistent, making posts everyday, scheduling posxxts on Facebook, being my creative self, what else do I expect from my internship? Red door also interests me because it is about real estate which is something that interests me again. Any knowledge about business is what i expect from Red door, unveiling my potential skills, and experiences. I am very excited to get started!!

I’m Manvika

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