Why I love Buffalo’s Crazy Weather

Buffalo great place to live, I might be bias because I have lived here 21 years. However, I have visited other places like New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia but Buffalo is the happy medium between all these places. It is not as busy and crowded like Long Island, New Jersey and New York, but there is still a walk-able and lively city lifestyle in down town Buffalo. It does not get nearly as hot as it does in Florida and Georgia in the summer yet we experience (sometimes) all 4 seasons. We also do not experience hurricanes, volcanoes, wildfires, floods and droughts in the extreme sense but we might experience an occasional weak tornado and or earthquake. The infamous downside to Buffalo is that we get clobbered with snow year… after year… after year. Fortunately Buffalo’s weaknesses are also its strengths. The snow plows are always out and can clear out roads in no time, Buffalonians have an extreme tolerance for cold weather, neighbors help each other out and we have a very sentimental view about warm weather, at least I do.

During the summer I make sure to take time out of whatever I am doing to enjoy the heat of the air around me. It also takes me a few months to not wince when the wind blows because I have to endure 6 months of bone chilling, nose sticking, teeth aching cold. By the time I am used to the gentle delicate breeze, its fall again. I also like to capture the moment mentally, so when I am sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up, I can pretend that I’m sitting on the grass or floating in the pool on a nice summer day. I also like to tell myself that it is not super cold outside but instead a crisp summer morning. The good thing about intense cold is that cold can be describable to a certain point. 15 degrees feels the same as 5 or -5… or -10. It’s just cold and you can feel anything or talk clearly. The heat however is much more describable. 80 feels a lot better than 90 and fortunate enough I have not experienced any temperatures over 100 degrees. But then there is the humidity which brings the heat to a whole new horrible level.    

People like talk about how Buffalonians are so tough about their winters but then each season they seem surprised by the amount of snow they get. I think I can clarify this paradox, winter can be so long and traumatic that we think it was a bad dream by the time spring and summer roll around. But then we are reminding about our harsh reality in October or November with feet of snow. With each layer of new snow the city looks clean and new again. The snow sparkles and the only noise you hear is the crunching of snow under your feet. The snow comes down slow or fast and sticks to the sides of trees. It really is beautiful. The only thing that isn’t beautiful is scraping your car off in the morning. Or dealing with ice storms where you slide down your driveway in your car. The day to day, hour by hour unpredictability of Buffalo weather is just one more thing to love about the area.

Contrary to popular belief, Buffalo is not just defined by the weather. There are plenty of other things to do around here, like visit the museums, bars, restaurants, parks and the historical houses. If you are moving to the Buffalo area or have lived here all your life and are looking for a new home, call one of the agents at Red Door Real Estate to help find a new home for you at 716- 768-1177.


Written by Rachel Brogan

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