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Turning Your Dream Home into Reality

Ever since we were kids, we all dreamed of owning our dream house. Now, as we get older and get ready to buy our own homes, our dream homes get slowly torn apart. Whether it would be settling for location, room sizing, closets, a big yard, and the list continues of what we give up quickly to get into a home. If you are willing to put the work in to make a dream home a reality, it is possible with keeping a few things in mind.


“Fixer Uppers”

These listings are everywhere we turn, low price, but not so pretty on the inside/outside. However, if you keep an open mind, you can actually get a lot more bang for your buck. Everyone wants a more “move-in” ready home, but if you can give these “not-so-appealing” homes some TLC, you can save a lot more money, and have those savings to mold that home into your dream place to live.



Did you instantly get a headache when you read that word? Renovations can be intimidating, but if you approach in a strategic manner, it becomes easy and even fun. Say you buy one of these “Fixer Uppers” in the Buffalo-Niagara Area for around $50,000, renovation costs average between $18,000-$40,000, keeping that in mind you get complete control of what you want to renovate, and what it will look like when the house is completed for under $100,000. When the average move in ready home costs $150,00 you are already saving $50,000 on the spot.


It Just Makes “Cents”

When comparing the two more in depth, it seems that getting a “Fixer Upper” instead of a “Picture Perfect” home makes more sense. Looking ahead to the future, you save almost enough money to purchase another home! You get complete control of what you want your home to look like, meaning you never settle for less.


Keep Dreaming Bigger!

Say you take on your first renovation project, you loved the way it turned out, don’t just stop there! If you find that picking a less-than-appealing home and turning it into someone’s dream house, make it a career! Not only is it tons of fun, but you can call yourself a dream-maker. Myself included, from watching tons of hours of Property Brothers on HGTV would love to make this my career someday.


Ready to get the ball rolling on your dream home? Come by and see us at Red Door Real Estate WNY or call us at (716) 768-1177 and we can help you select EXACTLY what you are looking for! Turn your dreams into a reality today!

By: Alexandra Nadeau

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