A Hard Goodbye

As summer comes to a close so does my journey here at Red Door. While I am incredibly sad my experience here is ending, I am so grateful for my time spent here. Red Door has opened my eyes to what I will be looking for in my future employer; a kind, open, and welcoming environment. An environment that doesn’t think twice about having puppies in their work space, an environment with fresh ideas and natural lighting tucked away in a cute part of the city.

A fluffy new pal Red Door introduced me to

From creating videos and posters, to brainstorming ideas to up our social media game, it has solidified the career path I would like to pursue. My dream is to work in a progressive thinking company, an environment slightly laid back and relaxed so you feel comfortable bouncing back and forth ideas with your coworkers. I would like to work in a job centered around social media and how to use it to spread ideas, positivity, and to build a mini community.

A home away from home

Returning to Geneseo in the fall I can’t wait to tell my advisor all about my internship. While I hear mixed experiences from my friends about their internships I have nothing but good things to say about my experience here at Red Door. Red Door was so immersive, they gave us free reign to express ourselves as social media marketers. Instead of running around and grabbing coffees we actually did things to help the company grow and expand. It felt nice actually feeling like a part of the company and not just some clumsy intern doing the tasks that no one else wanted to do.

Red Door is truly a modern company – but in the very best way. I cannot thank Liz and Renee enough for the experience I had here. Their understanding and accommodation has made working enjoyable. Although summer felt like it went by in the blink of an eye I will forever remember my first internship here at Red Door Real Estate.

Leaving Red Door with a smile 🙂

Kerilyn Kostek

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