A Semester of Firsts

I moved to Buffalo roughly a week ago.  This move was one of the bigger transitions as this is now a permanent home at least for the next two years, and it’s not a semester home any more.  I moved here to finish up my Marketing Degree at Buffalo State.  Being here in Buffalo for such a short amount of time, I already fell in love with the city in such a short amount of time.  My only complaint to date is, that I need to learn to drive.  The city is laid out in a way that buses and trains are convenient, but I can cut down my time in half by driving.   There is such a rich vibrant history that surrounds you.  In addition to the history there is booming community that just seems to be thriving and growing with the future.


To start, taking one of those water boat tours that tells you the history of the Erie Canal.  From this boat tour, I basically realized the Canal is the reason Buffalo became a major city in New York State.   The Canal and Buffalo are synonym of one another.  In addition to the history I think I was in love with the graffiti as well as the architecture of these former buildings as well as modern use ones.  Just look at this photo the image speaks words for the glory that these buildings were once.  And some TLC can bring use and life back to them, at least in my opinion.

Beyond exploring the canal, I am super excited for the number of sports teams that are in the Buffalo Area.  But not to mention the hockey season is roughly a month away.  (The first home game is the October 4.) So far since being here I have managed to see a Bisons vs. Pax Sox game, where the Bisons won in a landslide victory.  This game was the perfect thing to do on a Friday night- explore the city and experience the sports culture around.  My friend, and myself were beyond blown away by the spirit of the crowd, and how enthusiastic everyone was within the crowd.


First impressions of Buffalo: Moving here is the best decision ever.  I could not be happier with my decision, as everyone is super friendly.  This is for sure the city of friendly neighbors.

Beyond starting a new school, and moving to a new city- I started a crazy cool internship! It’s here at Red Door Real Estate.  I am so excited and cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester brings me.  It is for sure a semester of firsts.


To check for updates in a few months look on the Red Door Real Estate Blog.


If you have any real estate needs if it is buying or selling, defiantly check out:

Red Door Real Estate

982 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14221



Sarah Little

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