Get Involved, Get Involved, Get Involved.

Every year Victoria Secret picks two girls to be PINK Campus Reps for their campus. From there, the two Campus Reps hold a series of their own interviews to pick 5-7 girls to be on the Campus Team. The Campus Team helps the Reps with events throughout the semester. University at Buffalo is a part of this program, not every campus is though, mostly big schools. After a series of applications, awkward videos of me talking about myself and Skype interviews with the head of the Campus Rep program, I was so happy when I received an email that I got the position!

This experience as PINK Campus Rep has been a very rewarding one. The job of the Reps is to hold events and giveaways throughout the semester that are sponsored by PINK. Events include scavenger hunts on campus with prizes of VS merchandise, Christmas pantie giveaways, Victoria Secret Fashion Show viewing parties and more. I love seeing how happy girls get when they win the prizes or come to the giveaways and get free stuff. There is no better feeling than making someone’s day. Victoria Secret/PINK is a very well-known brand that most college girls shop at, which makes all the events we have very, very successful.

With my major being communications with a concentration in marketing and advertising, this experience has helped me explore the marketing world in a way I wouldn’t be able to inside a classroom. I’ve been exposed to real-life marketing experiences with a successful, nation-known company through the brainstorming, planning, set-up and holding of events. This has helped me validate my career interests and goals, which I am thankful for.

Overall, I encourage every college student to become as involved on campus as they possible can. Without overbooking yourself, becoming involved in programs like the PINK Campus Rep program can give you experiences, friendships/connections, insight on your career interests and more! None of that would be possible if you were taking your 3rd nap of the day in your dorm room. You only get a college experience once, so why not make the most of it? Get involved, get involved, get involved.

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Alexa Graff

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