Why Thrift?

One of my favorite things is when I’m wearing something and someone goes “OMG, where did you get that?” My response? “The thrift store, $4.00”. Or even better, “OMG I love the new couch, where’d you guys get it?” “The thrift store, $25.00.”

Besides the obvious perk of getting cheap stuff, there are actually many perks to thrift shopping. The first being, they actually have good stuff! Since prices are cheap, that leaves room for creativity. Want to cut some holes in those jeans? Cut them. Want to make that hoodie a crop top hoodie? Cut it. If you mess up, you lose $4.00 compared to $20.00- and it might still be cute to wear.

Compared to big retailers that only restock when they are sold out, thrift stores restock whenever they get new donations- which is almost every day. There is always new stuff being put on the racks to browse through. There also is no stopping who can shop there, they have a woman’s section, a men’s section, a children’s section, a plus size section, a maternity section and more. They also have a section of shoes, furniture and endless amounts of knick-knacks.

Many local thrift stores are also an extension of a non-profit agency, many of the funds and donations they receive go back to the community or too a good cause. Ontop of that, for those of you that are eco-friendly, clothes recycling is a good way to actively help the environment.

So why not thrift? Especially in Buffalo, thrift stores and consignment shops are everywhere. On Elmwood alone, there are four: AMVETS Buffalo, Second Chic, Rumpelstiltskin’s and F&D Thrift Shop. There are dozens throughout the entire area. Next time you are headed to the mall to find an outfit for an occasion, I challenge you to at least once go to a thrift shop. You may just stumble upon something you love.

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Alexa Graff

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